Hey, nice to meet you. And speaking of getting to ‘know’ things, that’s our shared passion. It’s not just that we want to make ‘learning’ more fun, simple and more effective, but we’re also always working on innovative new learning methods. For example by making use of powerful tools from the gaming industry, which makes learning feel like an amazing experience instead of just a mandatory activity. And it just so happens that we at TRAINING.GAME understand how creativity and technology can blend together to create an unforgettable game-based learning experience for our customers’ staff.

Right, on to the bigger picture. Did you know that in 2025, the majority of the labour force will be Millennial or Gen-Z? And that in some sectors, one of which being retail, this percentage is already higher than 80%? These digital natives were raised with a smartphone in one hand and a video game controller in the other. And gaming’s a constant with them too! Millennials play games for nearly 10 hours each week on their smartphones.

And let’s also rid ourselves of the misconception that only middle school students play video games in their basements. Almost half of the world population games in one way or another - and the average gamer is 35 years old. On top of that, smartphones are preferred over consoles and PC’s. 52% of people who play games on their smartphones are female and the number of people over 50 years of age who play smartphone games on a daily basis has risen explosively over the past few years.

Gaming is huge - and the same goes for the desire for better training methods. Would you like to learn more about the many possibilities of training games and our company? We’d love to hear from you. Game on!